The Signs and Symptoms of the Knee

As damage is accumulated in the knee joint people begin to experience knee pain that can be sharp or dull. It can also be associated with a burning discomfort below, on the inside surface, in the front, behind, on the outside surface or above the knee in approximately that order of frequency of occurrence.

Knee joint stiffness is often also experienced following a period of rest. For instance, after sitting for a prolonged period of time stiffness may be experienced in the knee as you move into a standing position. This stiffness can be pretty uncomfortable for the first few moments but will usually resolve after taking a few steps. Fortunately, the stiffness of OA of the knee resolves fairly rapidly once the joint tissue has a chance to refresh itself with activity.

The discomfort of OA of the knee is often experienced when one walks up or down stairs or gets down on the floor or bends the knee to pick something up from the floor. It is common for the knee to ache at night or for the shin below the knee to ache at night. The shin pain is actually coming from the knee but it is felt in the shin.

Knee joint swelling is a sign of the most severe form of osteoarthritis. If this occurs you should see a doctor for treatment right away. Joint swelling can occur because of an acute injury of a healthy joint or an acute injury of a joint that has chronic OA. Joints affected with chronic OA can also swell for little or no reason. What all swollen joints have in common is pain, redness, and heat. The joint is filled with abnormal fluid that is causing the pain and reflects the seriousness of the inflammatory state of the joint. By removing the fluid the doctor will reduce the pain significantly and be able to diagnose the cause of the inflammation, which tells him what treatment is indicated.

Another really interesting experience is a flair of knee pain prior to a change in the weather. This is a universal experience that has been commented upon by many hundreds of years yet has defied scientific explanation. It was recently confirmed scientifically as fact, however.