Hair Growth

Oh summer, how we’ve missed you! As much as we enjoy the beach life, it’s no surprise that skin damage is at its peak during the painfully hot summer months. It’s during these periods of direct sunlight and intense heat that your hair, scalp, and skin will require the most attention, particularly if you have thinning hair and your scalp is more exposed. Below are some easy summer hair tips to play it safe while still looking your best.

Wear a hat!

A simple solution to keeping your head protected. Stay stylish at the pool with a wide-brimmed, cotton hat that can protect your face as well. However, it’s important to make sure your hat isn’t too tight and doesn’t cause damage to your hair from too much friction.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is good for your skin, hair and all-around health. We tend to hydrate ourselves when we start feeling thirsty. By this time, however, you may already have accrued damage. A helpful habit to develop is drinking a tall glass of water in the mornings. This will help you start the day off right. Also consuming fruits and vegetables such as watermelon or spinach.

Be gentle on wet hair

Combing and brushing wet hair can cause unnecessary damage to your already fragile hair. Fortunately, there are brushes that can run through your hair without pulling or tugging. These are a good investment.

Trim it

Who says short hair can’t look good?! Keep your lengthy locks short enough to make maintenance easy yet long enough to still feel good. We recommend shoulder-top length to keep maintenance simple and you still feeling good.

Keeping your hair safe and protected from the sun is an investment worth making. Don’t be afraid to use shampoo and conditioner with sunscreen for protection during trips to the beach or the pool. These summer hair tips can help keep your hair and scalp safer.

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