Stem Cell Therapy

The purpose of stem cell therapy is to essentially “wake-up” the local cartilage to repair cells in a joint. This improves the opportunity for healing. Unfortunately, stem cell therapy does not grow a new joint, it simply provides long-term pain relief through injections of bone marrow stem cells.

How It Works

To understand how stem therapy can help heal arthritis of the knee, it’s important to understand how the knee actually works. The knee joint consists of various structures that work together to allow for smooth movement. When the cartilage and bone become affected by arthritis, the cartilage begins to wear down over time to the point where the two bones start to rub against one another without the cartilage there for support. Stem cell therapy aims to heal the damaged cartilage in the knee in order to provide relief from the pain that occurs when the two bones hit together.

What It Does

Stem cell therapy uses healthy stem cells from a different region of the body to create an injected stem cell serum for the knee. These stem cells attach to the damaged cartilage and stimulate the growth of local cells to repair the cartilage.

The actual treatment side of stem cell therapy is quite simple and pain-free. At Joint Regenomics, our autologous stem cell therapy transplantation does not alter the natural characteristics of your stem cells. It distills them into a highly concentrated solution. The first part of the treatment requires a one hour office visit.  We harvest stem cells from the superficial fat in the wall of your abdomen using liposuction under local anesthesia. The second part occurs one week later when you return to have the processed stem cells and PRP injected into the joint. This procedure only takes 15 minutes and the downtime afterwards is minimal.

To ensure you find the best treatment for your knee pain, consult with a medical professional. For more information about if stem cell therapy is right for you, contact Joint Regenomics. Stem cell therapy with platelet-rich plasma for OA of the knee is a treatment, not a cure. Stem cell therapy works in most but not all adults with OA of the knee in the middle stages of the disease. We do not recommend it for those with end-stage “bone on bone” disease. Insurance companies and Medicare do not cover our treatment or services. To find out more about our service click here or call Kim Teasley at 404.574.2373 to schedule your consultation.