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Joint Regenomics was founded by Dr. Woodson who uses years of scientific research to develop the most effective treatments for joint pain. If knee pain and swelling keep you from being active and doing the things that you want to do, then contact us to begin your joint regenomics treatments! The team at Joint Regenomics are experts at stem cell and platelet-rich plasma therapy and maintain a well equipped, modern, clean, and friendly office for our clients. Our main job is to ensure that our clients feel comfortable about their treatments and knowledgeable about every procedure. We are dedicated to providing the Atlanta area with effective stem cell therapy treatments to help them live pain-free, active life!

What is Stem Cell Therapy for Joints?

Here at Joint Regenomics, we offer two different types of treatments to help alleviate joint pain! Both treatments are backed by years of scientific research and experience and are performed by our fully certified team of experts. Stem cell therapy is derived from the idea that stem cells can renew themselves and turn into other cells. They naturally live inside everyone and are able to repair damages as damage occurs. However, sometimes the body is not able to recruit enough stem cells to fully repair damages or the effects of aging. That’s where our stem cell therapy comes into play. By injecting new stem cells into the damaged areas we are able to help the body heal naturally and grow stronger! Our two types of procedures or both similar in price and effectiveness, but offer different treatment lengths and plans to fit every client.

Amniotic Plasma

This approach to treating osteoarthritis of the knee does not require an initial visit to harvest stem cells from the patient but instead uses stem cells from a donor. The patient simply comes into our office to receive the injection of allogenic amniotic fluid and which only takes about 15 minutes. For information about this procedure, give us a call at 404-574-2373.

Autologous Plasma

This treatment provided by Joint Regenomics requires an initial visit where we collect stem cells from the superficial fat in the wall of the abdomen using liposuction and draw a small amount of blood for the platelet-rich plasma. A week later, the patient returns to the office where the stem cells and platelet-rich plasma has been processed and can now be injected into the knee. For more information about this process, feel free to contact us at 404-574-2373

If you’re ready to get rid of joint pain, contact us! Our team of healthcare professionals is ready to help you lead a pain-free life again!