Stem Cell Therapy

Most adults with knee pain have osteoarthritis (OA), and the majority of them do so due to a remote injury while playing sports or fooling around. Who cares really how it happened or why? Because now it has gotten to the point where it has really started to limit what you do. That is simply not acceptable.

You had arthroscopic surgery a while back. The orthopedist says that the arthritis is not severe enough to warrant knee replacement surgery and has given you several rounds of shots that work for a while then you are back to square one.

Stem Cell Therapy

We use stem cells enhanced with platelet-rich plasma, both harvested from your own fat and blood to restore the health of the knee joint cartilage directly without any drugs. The stem cells are your very own and all we do is concentrate them and blood platelets and put them where your body needs them most, in your knee joint. Nature, the stem cells, and the amazing assortment of growth factors found in the platelet-rich plasma do everything else.

Harnessing Nature’s Miracle

What the stem cells do when they arrive is scout out the joint, identify the damaged articular tissue on your joint surface and move in close by. Under the influence of that specific environment found only in the knee joint, the stem cells undergo metamorphic change into pre-chondrocyte cells. They are genetically pre-programmed for this role. Then they move close to the damaged joint surface and proliferative under the influence of the growth factors found in the platelet-rich plasma that we injected with the stem cells into the joint. The cells divide many times into additional pre-chondrocyte cells and spread over the damaged tissue seeking to make contact with it below and with their brother and sister cells on each side and above in order to form a secure bond.

Once the proliferative phase is complete maturation is triggered and the cells differentiate into fully functional yet juvenile chondrocyte cells. These cells are linked together side by side and top to bottom forming a sturdy layered sheet structure that is necessary to resist the intense physical forces placed on the knee joint during normal human activity.

The juvenile chondrocyte matures into plump adult chondrocytes over the next 3-months. This milestone marks the completion of the anabolic portion of stem cell therapy and is the point when most people experience improvement. Over the next 9 months, some see additional gains are unusually accrued but expect no further improvement after 12 months except that which comes from enhanced physical fitness due to you’re being able to resume working out or your favorite activities or sports.

Stem cell therapy with platelet-rich plasma for OA of the knee is a treatment, not a cure. Stem cell therapy works in most but not all adults with OA of the knee in the middle stages of the disease. We do not recommend it for those with end-stage “bone on bone” disease. Insurance companies and Medicare do not cover our treatment or services. To find out more about our service call Kim Teasley at 404.574.2373 or visit our website at