Platelet-Rich Plasma Growth Factors

We employ regenomic technologies to restore function to your dormant hair follicles causing platelet rich plasma to once more flourish producing normal, multiple, healthy hair shafts. Not every woman we see needs to reawaken dormant hair follicles. This technique is reserved for women with long-standing androgenic alopecia who have significant hair shaft miniaturization and loss of active hair follicles as measured using photomicroscopy of the scalp. One way to tell if you are a candidate for this treatment is if you can easily see your scalp through their hair.

To awaken your dormant follicles we use platelet-rich plasma taken from your own blood. Your platelet cells circulate in the billions through the bloodstream. They possess a cornucopia of growth factors that we concentrated and then infuse them into the scalp. The more hair loss you have, the more platelet-rich plasma treatments you will need. We recommend concentrating these treatments early in therapy so that you will be able to see and feel results beginning as soon as possible. Three months after beginning platelet-rich plasma therapy you will be able to feel new hair shafts on the scalp and see them on the photomicrographs.