PRP Treatment: Our Approach Treatment of Osteoarthritis

Our technique for autologous stem cell therapy transplantation does not alter the natural characteristics of your stem cells or platelet-derived growth factors. What we do is concentrate them into a solution many times higher than ordinarily found within the body.

There are two parts to the procedure. The first part requires a 1-hour office visit when we will harvest (collect) stem cells from the superficial fat in the wall of the abdomen using liposuction under local anesthesia. We also draw several tubes of blood to use for platelet-rich plasma.

The second part occurs one week later when you return to the office to have the processed stem cells and platelet-rich plasma injected into the joint. This takes about 15 minutes for the two knee injections.

Your downtime after these procedures is minimal. We recommend Tylenol, with or without a prescription of Tramadol, for post-procedure pain if any.

Since the stem cells and growth factors come from your own body and are not changed in any way by us between harvesting, processing, and administration to you, they are not considered drugs. This also means there is very little risk of your rejecting the transplant or having an adverse reaction to the transplanted tissue or growth factors.