Osteoporosis Diagnosis & Treatment

While osteoporosis has no cure, treatment today is as good as a cure. It is both safe and effective and most patients do not experience any side effects. Women who are approaching or past menopause should think about testing and treatment.

Dr. Woodson has evaluated over 20,000 people for osteoporosis issues. The first step involves a thorough examination and diagnosis using the latest and most advanced bone density testing DXA device.

The present-day approach to prevention may surprise you. Exercise, diet, and vitamin D have become the cornerstones of prevention while drug therapy and other supplements, including calcium, have been left behind!

It is important to find out why someone has this condition when possible. If the cause is treatable, prescribing the correct therapy halts that reason for future bone loss. This also improves the patient’s response to osteoporosis therapy.