Hair Loss

Many women notice seasonal hair loss throughout the fall months that is more frequent than other times of the year. This sudden increase in shedding can cause great concern, especially when it is difficult to understand the cause. Although there are many reasons for hair loss in women, it is known that some hair loss is seasonal.

So why does this happen? Many women experience more frequent hair loss during the months of October and November simply because they experience higher rates of telogen during the summer months. These peaks in telogen over the summer then affect hair falling out in the fall months. Although the exact reasoning behind this peak in telogen over the summer months is unknown, some researchers suggest that the stress caused by the hot, summer months is the culprit. Others suggest that hair growth spikes in the summer to protect the scalp from the strong sun, and then these hair strands are lost in the colder, fall months when they are no longer needed.

Seasonal Hair Loss or Normal Cycle?

So remember that although you may be experiencing seasonal hair loss that is more dramatic than usual during the colder months, there is no reason to be concerned unless the hair loss continues for a longer period of time. Hair should naturally grow back and replace those lost follicles, but if not, you could be experiencing a more serious type of hair loss.

The most common types of hair loss in women include androgenic alopecia, acute telogen effluvium, and chronic telogen effluvium. These three causes of hair loss affect women in different ways. Women with androgenic alopecia experience gradual hair loss that is caused by an excess of androgen hormones. Those with acute or chronic telogen effluvium, however, experience a very dramatic, and sudden loss of hair. It is often obvious to recognize the beginning of this hair loss. It is caused by a resetting of the natural hair cycle. If fall hair loss continues into much of next year, you could be experiencing one of these common causes.

Finding The Cause

The best way to determine the root cause of your seasonal hair loss is to talk with a professional. Dr.Woodson and his team of experts have years of experience treating women who suffer from many hair loss variations. Before recommending any treatment, the team first performs a full consultation to determine the definite cause of hair loss. Many times hair loss is only temporary and the hair will regrow naturally with time. If they determine that the hair loss is more severe and requires treatment, Hair Regenomics offers innovative and advanced stem cell treatments. These help the hair to naturally regrow and look full and luscious again!

The Hair Regenomics approach is a sustainable solution for these causes of hair loss. It allows women to pursue an active lifestyle without worry or restrictions.  For more information about our Atlanta Hair Restoration treatments, contact us by calling Kim Teasley at 404.574.2373 for more details and to schedule your consultation.