Androgenic Alopecia

In 3 out of 5 women with chronic, progressive hair loss, the cause is androgenic alopecia. This form of hair loss often appears as diffuse thinning among women instead of patterned baldness like that of males. Although many women experience the effects, they often don’t recognize androgenic alopecia as the cause of this hair loss. And even more of them don’t know how to combat the effects.

What Does It Look Like?

Many women recognize androgenic alopecia because it typically causes consistent effects. Unlike in men, this type of hair loss does not cause the hairline to recede but causes hair as a whole to grow thinner. Most commonly, women will experience hair loss in the crown region of their head. Another sign that a woman has androgenic alopecia is that her hair now grows in thinner strands. Some women may not experience bald spots but thinner hair follicles may cause their hair to appear thinner. It’s important to also understand that androgenic alopecia can be hereditary. If other females in the family have experienced this type of hair loss, then it is possible for you to experience it too.

So why does androgenic alopecia occur? A variety of hereditary and environmental factors can cause androgenic alopecia. This form of hair loss is related to the hormones called androgens. Typically, hair follicles grow for 2 to 6 years, remain dormant for a few months, and then fall out. However, when an individual experiences an increase in androgens in hair follicles, this cycle can become shorter and thus produce shorter and thinner strands of hair. An increase in the levels of androgen hormones can also delay the time that it takes for new hair strands to grow back and thus cause the hair to appear thinner and areas to experience hair loss.

What Can I Do?

Stem cell therapy using platelet-rich plasma helps to reawaken hair follicles that have become dormant This promotes a normal hair growth cycle again. The Hair Regenomics approach is a sustainable solution for these causes of hair loss that allows women to pursue an active lifestyle without worry or restrictions. For more information, contact by calling Kim Teasley at 404.574.2373 or for more details about us go to