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BWHW offers medical grade skin care services and products for all your skin needs. Chose from a variety of treatments that can help repair, rejuvenate, restore, and refresh your skin.

Hair Restoration

Losing hair, for a variety of reasons, is a common problem amongst women. It can cause women to feel less confident about their appearance and attempt to find ways to cover up hair loss, which is typically unsuccessful and not long-term. That’s why the team at Hair Regenomics focuses specifically on long-term, effective solutions for women’s hair loss problems to help women feel and look great again!


The hair restoration Atlanta solutions at Hair Regenomics are a great way for women in the Atlanta area to restore their hair’s beauty! Dr. Grattan Woodson is an expert in the field of hair restoration and has spent countless years studying the science of regenomics. The team at Hair Regenomics is proud to serve women in the Atlanta area, and help restore women’s hair! The hair restoration Atlanta solutions at Hair Regenomics are based on growth factors found in platelet-rich plasma that awakens dormant hair follicles and is an effective way for women with long-standing hair loss problems to restore their hair loss!

Knee Pain Treatment

Osteoarthritis of the knees is one of the leading causes of disability in the country today. That knee pain can rob you of your mobility and lead to very poor quality of life. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our process, called Joint Regenomics, uses your body’s own stem cells and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) restore and conserve the function of your knees. Knee pain can be a thing of the past.

This treatment restores the health of the arthritis-damaged cartilage using stem cells taken from your body. These are then concentrated and combined with your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Then this combination of stem cells and growth factor rich PRP is injected into the knee. There the cells change into new articular joint cartilage, restoring the health and function of the knee joint.

The purpose of stem cell therapy for arthritis of the knee is to reduce knee pain and improve function. But it does not cure arthritis. It is a treatment of the damage done by arthritis using the body’s own repair mechanism but in much greater quantities than the body can deliver to the joint at one time. Stem cell therapy does not involve the use of drugs. The stem cells and platelet-rich plasma is not altered in any way, only concentrated.

Stem Cell Therapy

Here at BWHW, we offer two different types of treatments to help alleviate joint pain! Both treatments are backed by years of scientific research and experience and are performed by our fully certified team of experts. Stem cell therapy is derived from the idea that stem cells can renew themselves and turn into other cells. They naturally live inside everyone and are able to repair damages as damage occurs. However, sometimes the body is not able to recruit enough stem cells to fully repair damages or the effects of aging. That’s where our stem cell therapy comes into play. By injecting new stem cells into the damaged areas we are able to help the body heal naturally and grow stronger! Our two types of procedures or both similar in price and effectiveness, but offer different treatment lengths and plans to fit every client.

Amniotic Plasma

This approach to treating osteoarthritis of the knee does not require an initial visit to harvest stem cells from the patient but instead uses stem cells from a donor. The patient simply comes into our office to receive the injection of allogenic amniotic fluid and which only takes about 15 minutes. For information about this procedure, give us a call at 404-574-2373.

Autologous Plasma

If you’re ready to get rid of joint pain, contact us! Our team of healthcare professionals is ready to help you lead a pain-free life again!

Platelet-Rich Plasma Growth Factors

We employ regenomic technologies to restore function to your dormant hair follicles causing platelet rich plasma to once more flourish producing normal, multiple, healthy hair shafts. Not every woman we see needs to reawaken dormant hair follicles. This technique is reserved for women with long-standing androgenic alopecia who have significant hair shaft miniaturization and loss of active hair follicles as measured using photomicroscopy of the scalp. One way to tell if you are a candidate for this treatment is if you can easily see your scalp through their hair.

To awaken your dormant follicles we use platelet-rich plasma taken from your own blood. Your platelet cells circulate in the billions through the bloodstream. They possess a cornucopia of growth factors that we concentrated and then infuse them into the scalp. The more hair loss you have, the more platelet-rich plasma treatments you will need. We recommend concentrating these treatments early in therapy so that you will be able to see and feel results beginning as soon as possible. Three months after beginning platelet-rich plasma therapy you will be able to feel new hair shafts on the scalp and see them on the photomicrographs.

Chemo Hair Loss: Prevention and Treatment

Most chemotherapy drugs adversely affect the rapidly dividing hair cells, triggering the termination of the hair growth cycle and causing the death of the living end of the hair shaft. This causes the hair to fall out about 3 months after the first chemo treatment. Fortunately, the stem cells that control hair growth are rarely affected significantly and recover spontaneously after a short while. In some follicles the stem cells are completely wiped out by chemo, causing the remaining cells that make up the follicle to die. These dead follicles cannot be restored and are lost forever. To some extent, this happens in everyone undergoing chemo that causes hair loss but in most women, it is not enough to make a significant difference.

To prevent or retard hair loss due to chemotherapy we recommend using scalp cooling during the IV administration of chemotherapy. Scalp cooling is a service offered by some oncologists at an additional fee. Not every oncologist recommends scalp cooling and this is an option to discuss specifically with your doctor.

This compounded prescription pharmaceutical protects the hair follicles damaged by the chemotherapy drugs and helps them heal and return to normal cycling behavior. It reduces inflammation around the hair shaft that interferes with the growth of healthy hair. It provides a safe environment for the hair follicle to develop normally and naturally allowing it to flourish once more.

Osteoporosis Diagnosis & Treatment

While osteoporosis has no cure, treatment today is as good as a cure. It is both safe and effective and most patients do not experience any side effects. Women who are approaching or past menopause should think about testing and treatment.

Dr. Woodson has evaluated over 20,000 people for osteoporosis issues. The first step involves a thorough examination and diagnosis using the latest and most advanced bone density testing DXA device.

The present-day approach to prevention may surprise you. Exercise, diet, and vitamin D have become the cornerstones of prevention while drug therapy and other supplements, including calcium, have been left behind!

It is important to find out why someone has this condition when possible. If the cause is treatable, prescribing the correct therapy halts that reason for future bone loss. This also improves the patient’s response to osteoporosis therapy.

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