Knee Pain

While stem cell therapy is the safest and easiest way to cure joint pain, there are a number of natural remedies for knee pain to help reduce inflammation and give you the relief you need. We’ve listed some of these natural remedies below.

  • Epsom Salt Bath

    Epsom Salt, or magnesium sulfate, is a great natural remedy with a ton of applications such as muscle tension relief, joint pain and inflammation relief, improved circulation, and regulating blood sugar.

  • Turmeric

    A culinary spice that contains curcumin, a chemical used to reduce inflammation. You can add Turmeric spices to your meals or take capsules.

  • Hot and Cold treatment

    Applying heating pads and then cold packs is a good way to help relax your muscles and reduce soreness and inflammation.

  • Ginger

    Ginger is another plant root with anti-inflammatory properties and promotes blood circulations. Making yourself some ginger tea is a great way to start your day

The Long Term Solution

While all of these are short-term remedies for knee pain, none will compare to a longer-term solution such as stem cell therapy.

For more information about if stem cell therapy is right for you, contact Joint Regenomics. Stem cell therapy with platelet-rich plasma for OA of the knee is a treatment, not a cure. Stem cell therapy works in most but not all adults with OA of the knee in the middle stages of the disease. We do not recommend it for those with end-stage “bone on bone” disease. To find out more about our service visit, or call Kim Teasley at 404.574.2373 to schedule your consultation.