Hair Follicles

Conserve, Protect, Stimulate

We use a compounded prescription scalp spray to conserve, protect and stimulate the hair follicle to thrive. Women with Sinclair grade 2 and some with grade 3 can be treated exclusively and successfully with Minca Scalp Spray applied twice daily. The hair follicles of women in the early stages of androgenic alopecia remain active although they are functionally impaired being under constant stress and attack from a relative excess of the androgen DHT. The continuous hormonal assault leads to the loss of mature hair shafts from the follicle and a reduction in the diameter of the hair shaft and follicles that remain. This causes the scalp to be exposed and the hair to look and feel thin and lack volume or fullness. At this stage there are relative few follicles that have been pushed into the dormant state by DHT and even fewer who have died off and are unrecoverable. These tormented follicles respond well to our topically applied Minca Scalp Spray. Use of this treatment restores these follicles to a healthy state and vigorous condition.

We have culled the scientific literature and our own women’s health research experience in developing the Minca Scalp Spray. Every recognized beneficial pharmaceutical maneuver for opposing DHT, fighting chronic inflammation that damages the follicle and use of drugs that stimulate the repair, growth and normalization of the stressed out follicle are included in the spray formula. Dr. Woodson has distilled the findings from years of published research from hundreds of investigators worldwide with his own experience to develop a scalp spray with these healing properties.