Hair Restoration Atlanta

Losing hair, for a variety of reasons, is a common problem amongst women. It can cause women to feel less confident about their appearance and attempt to find ways to cover up hair loss, which is typically unsuccessful and not long-term. That’s why the team at Hair Regenomics¬†focuses specifically on long-term, effective solutions for women’s hair loss problems to help women feel and look great again!

The hair restoration Atlanta solutions at Hair Regenomics are a great way for women in the Atlanta area to restore their hair’s beauty! Dr. Grattan Woodson is an expert in the field of hair restoration and has spent countless years studying the science of regenomics. The team at Hair Regenomics is proud to serve women in the Atlanta area, and help restore women’s hair! The hair restoration Atlanta solutions at Hair Regenomics are based on growth factors found in platelet-rich plasma that awakens dormant hair follicles and is an effective way for women with long-standing hair loss problems to restore their hair loss!

Atlanta Hair Restoration

Here at Hair Regenomics, we provide two different solutions that target hair loss issues for women in Atlanta. Both treatments are based on years of scientific research in order to effectively combat the common causes of hair loss in women. The most common cause of hair loss in women is Androgenic Alopecia, where hair loss typically appears at the top and front of the head. Other causes include Acute Telogen Effluvium, which is sudden hair loss that occurs after an inciting event, Chronic Telogen Effluvium, which begins as acute telogen effluvium but extends beyond a 6-month period, and hair loss due to chemotherapy treatments. No matter the cause of hair loss, Hair Regenomics provides effective Atlanta Hair Restoration services to restore hair back to its natural health!

Platelet Rich Plasma Growth Factor Treatment
This technique is used for women who have long-standing¬†androgenic alopecia, and who have experienced significant hair shaft miniaturization and loss of active hair follicles. To begin, we take platelet-rich plasma from the patient’s blood, and concentrate it and then infuse it into the scalp. Because platelet cells circulate the body abundantly and possess a large number of growth¬†benefits, this treatment is both safe and effective! Just three months after treatment you can expect to feel new hair shafts on the scalp!

If you’re ready to restore your hair and feel confident again, contact the experts of hair restoration Atlanta at Hair Regenomics! Consultations to determine the root cause of your hair loss, as well as the best treatment options, are easy and comfortable with our experienced team!