To Fast, Or Not To Fast, That is the Question?

The answer is yes. Fasting is best for most people, not babies or little children. Fasting was a way of life for our ancient ancestors and our metabolism and physiology is adapted to regular and repeated fasting. It’s natural to fast and healthy.

There are many recommended methods currently in circulation and they all have their benefits and deficits in my view. The fast I follow and recommend is a daily fast. The medical research data show that fasting alone is a non-starter.

The fast must be combined with moderate regular exercise and in my opinion a low carbohydrate, moderate fat, high protein mostly plant-based diet whose calories are right-sized for you. A recent research study showed the best daily fasting results were seen in the group that eats a large breakfast and moderate lunch 6 hours later. They fasted about 18 hours daily until breakfast the next morning. This group lost the most weight compared with other eating times of day or different or similar daily fasting lengths.

I support daily fasting because and the other guidelines above because they are sustainable, keep your metabolism in mild ketosis that burns fat for energy, prevents hunger, and keeps blood glucose and insulin stable. Your mind is clear, your energy high, and you feel well and balanced. This is another reason I prefer fasting every day.