Requirements for Success

Success in managing your hair loss depends on you most of all. Every element of our treatment of you is designed to help you recover your hair and to keep and protect the newly grown hair. These treatments have interlocking components that are mutually dependent. They are all required to obtain the optimal result for you. Each is necessary to the success of the other meaning they are interdependent. If applied unevenly or in an unbalanced way the results will be poor or even result in abject failure. As good as these treatments are they are totally useless without your faithful devotion and dedication to this task. Without you, nothing we do will be of any lasting benefit.

At best hair grows only about 1 inch every 3 months. Our treatments seek to speed the growth of normal hair but as we know you can’t rush Mother Nature. So the virtues listed above become essential for you obtaining the relief you seek. Your hair will return but on its own time and not a moment sooner. Worrying about it will not help nor will resent having to use the spray on a schedule. Frustration and impatience will do nothing to promote new hair growth but they will cause you to be depressed and bitter. Relax, the odds are very good your hair will respond, accept the twice-daily task with aplomb and rejoice in the thought that your hair is returning as a result of your taking care of it in the best possible way. It really helps to have a positive attitude when it comes to restoration and conservation of your hair. By having care and loving concern for the newly emerging hair you are creating a healing emotional environment within which the hair is nourished. The stress caused by frustration, bitterness, and anxiety directed at your hair only worsen the problem both in terms of your psychological wellness, but in actual medical ways related to the known insult stress has on hair.