Hair Loss

Hair loss among women is extremely common but typically unexplained. Many women face both minor and major forms of hair loss without understanding the true causes. Without understanding why the hair is falling out, it’s difficult to understand the best form of treatment. Here are a few common causes of hair loss among women.

Sudden Health Changes

Any type of severe circumstances has the potential to affect the growth cycle of your hair. From childbirth to high fever and sudden weight loss to high emotional stress, any type of sudden health changes can cause hair loss in women. Fortunately, this form of hair loss will usually heal itself. Once the period of stress is over, the hair typically regrows on its own and heals the areas of hair loss.

Seasonal Changes

Many women report losing hair during seasonal changes throughout the year. Although this type of hair loss is not consistent among women, it is commonly reported and can be attributed to the changes in weather. During the winter months, many women report losing more hair than usual. So why does this happen? Many women experience more frequent hair loss during the months of October and November simply because they experience higher rates of telogen during the summer months. These peaks in telogen over the summer then affect hair falling out in the fall months.

Androgenic Alopecia

Androgenic Alopecia is the most common cause of hair loss – accounting for 3 out of 5 with chronic progressive hair loss. This genetically determined disorder is seen through gradual onset, increased hair shedding, thinning of hair, and total denudation. In women, this form of hair loss if typically seen along the crown of the head with the frontal hairline typically preserved.

Telogen Effluvium

Telogen Effluvium is a reactive process that is generally caused by metabolic or hormonal stress. For some women, this type of hair loss is only temporary and recovery begins about 6 months later. However, some women experience chronic telogen effluvium in which hair loss recovery does not come.

Providing the correct treatment for hair loss irrespective of its cause depends upon making a secure diagnosis. At Hair Regenomics that is always the first step in our approach to the patient. By determining the cause of our patient’s hair loss we then know what treatment is best for her. The therapy takes time because it depends on the scalp follicles natural growth. We can help Mother Nature but we can’t rush Her.

The Hair Regenomics approach is a sustainable solution for these causes of hair loss that allows women to pursue an active lifestyle without worry or restrictions. For more information, contact by calling Kim Teasley at 404.574.2373 or for more details about us go to