Androgenic Alopecia

Androgenic Alopecia AGA affects half of white women beginning in the mid-thirties, accelerating in the forties and really taking off after menopause. This form of chronic hair loss is a treatable inherited disorder for which there is no cure, but thankfully there is now very effective therapy. The burden of coping with hair loss due to AGA is inestimable and is something that never stops only worsens. The hours and fortunes spent camouflaging the problem pay off but are not the solution. There remain so many situations, places, and things that remain strictly off limits, things that you would like to do but can’t because of your hair.

The scientific understanding of the cause and nature of chronic hair loss in women due to AGA has evolved slowly. At last a critical mass of data has accumulated opening up a whole new line of therapy for this condition we call Regenomics. This treatment approach combines platelet-rich plasma, hormone manipulation, stem cell manipulation, and growth factors with advances in genetics, pharmacology, and cell biology to provide us with the tools needed to effectively deal with this common chronic disease. What we offer is a safe and effective treatment for AGA, not a cure.

This image shows the impact of Sinclair Grade 3 androgenic alopecia affecting the crown sparing the frontal hairline and temples. Notice the entire crown is involved extending to the right and left of the midline and posteriorly to the vertex. Scalp exposure is seen centrally and across the top of the scalp. Women presenting with these findings are excellent candidates for a staged series of treatments with platelet-rich plasma and micro needling. These serve to reawaken her dormant hair follicles. We alternate these two therapies, which act synergistically when employed in women with AGA. Regrowth of new hair is evident within 3 months after the institution of this approach.

Hair Regenomics

At Hair Regenomics we provide treatment to women only. We recognize that chronic hair loss in women is not just a cosmetic issue but one that has a significant effect on her medical health too. We understand that whatever we can do to restore and conserve a woman’s lost hair has an important positive effect on her psychological and thereby medical health. This knowledge motivates us to work hard to help our patients succeed in their quest and explains why we are dedicated to being part of the solution to this serious problem.

All our treatments harness the body’s natural regenerative mechanisms to awaken the dormant hair follicles innate capacity to produce healthy hair. This is an organic process that can’t be hurried. They take time to work and that requires persistence and patience on your part. Women have these virtues, especially when it means the difference between having healthy go-anywhere do-anything natural hair, or not.

Insurance companies and Medicare do not cover our chronic hair loss treatment services. For more information about our treatment services and the fee, please visit our website at or call Kim Teasley at 404.574.2373.