Stem Cell Therapy

Knee pain is common in adults after spending years on the court, trail or just after accidental injury. The effect of years of activity and pressure can cause the cartilage and ligaments within and around the knee to break down. Many people are told by their doctor to simply take this pill or complete a series of daily exercises but what if it doesn’t adequately relieve the pain or restore function good enough?

The Five Signs

Here are 5 signs that your knee pain may mean you’re a candidate for stem cell treatment:

  • You experience chronic pain when you extend or flex your knee. An injury can cause the knee cartilage or ligaments to become chronically damaged such that extending or flexing the knee causes pain, especially when bearing weight. Stem cell therapy is one approach to relieve the pain and improve the function of the damaged tissues.
  • You suffer from recurrent knee swelling and inflammation. These signs and symptoms are the sine qua non of degenerative joint disease. They are due to repeated damage occurring to the articular cartilage that lines the opposing surfaces of the knee joint. These tissues weep when inflamed and that causes pain and swelling of the joint. Stem cell therapy exerts a potent anti-inflammatory effect, repairs the damaged cartilage restoring its health and function.
  • You feel pain in the knee even when resting. Of course, people expect their arthritis to be exacerbated by overdoing it but when your knee becomes painful after doing nothing at all that’s tough to take especially at night when it makes it hard to sleep. This is one of the primary indications for stem cell therapy, which acts to restore the health of the joint and relieve the pain.
  • Your doctor says your arthritis is not severe enough for a knee replacement, but medication doesn’t help. Indications for knee replacement surgery are specific and include intractable pain and loss of joint function. The knee X-ray in surgical cases usually shows “bone on bone”. By that point, it’s too late for stem cell therapy because you need intact cartilage on both sides of the joint to provide structure for the stem cells to form up on and grow into mature tissue. The best candidates for stem cell therapy have the middle stages of arthritis where the usual medical therapies just are not as effective as they used to be but their disease has not advanced to the point where surgical joint replacement is indicated.
  • You stop doing the activities you love because they hurt your knee. When knee pain becomes severe enough that it prevents you from being able to perform activities that were once a regular part of your life, it’s time to consider stem cell therapy. While we don’t think of stem cell therapy as a cure for osteoarthritis of the knee it is a treatment that most people who have it report improvement in function and reduction in pain after about 3 months. In many cases, the benefit is good enough to resume activities that they had given up. The full benefit is realized by 12 months.

Stem cell therapy, performed by the experts at Joint Regenomics, restores the health of the arthritis-damaged cartilage using stem cells combined with platelet-rich plasma taken from your body. By using innovative technologies, these tissues are concentrated in our laboratory and then injected into the knee where the cells change into new articular joint cartilage. Restore the health and function of your knee joint with this minimally invasive treatment!

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