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BHRT Hormone Therapy

Women who are approaching or past menopause should think about testing and treatment. Dr. Woodson has evaluated over 20,000 issues. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has proven to work effectively and Hormone imbalances can be corrected.

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Nutrition & Weight Loss

Nutritional Guidance Nutrition – the food you eat – is the building block for a healthy body. Many of the health issues prevalent in modern society stem from the lack of a proper diet.

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Face & Body

Get ready to GLOW!

BWHW offers medical grade skin care services and products for all your skin needs. Chose from a variety of treatments that can help repair, rejuvenate, restore, and refresh your skin. BWHW has a curated a selection of medical grade products and services tailored to your skins needs so you can achieve the fountain of youth deserve!

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Other Services

BWHW offers several other services including:
- Hair Loss Treatment & Hair Restoration
- Knee Pain Treatment
- Stem Cell Therapy
- PRP Treatment & PRP Injections
- Osteoporosis Treatment

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